PHASE 1 – Pre-Acquisition and Feasibility Assistance

Consultant Team Selection - Assemble and Hire an Established “A” team
Consultant Contract Engagement
Geotechnical Assessment
Environmental Assessment of Soils and Existing Structures
Civil Project Assessment
Dry Utility Project Assessment
Preliminary Concept Design
Budget Development

PHASE 2 – Post-Acquisition Entitlement & Programming Assistance

Entitlement Submittal
Political and Community Assistance
Increased Due Diligence Effort
Budget Redundancy
Budget Updates
Design Team Assembly Approach & Method
Establish Architect & Civil Engineer Proposal List
Architect & Civil Engineer RFP
Design Proposal Evaluation and Leveling
Recommendation for Design Team Contract Award
Management of Design
Value Engineering
Constructability Review
Utility Coordination
Construction Budgeting & Scheduling
Procurement Monitoring
Site Logistics
Maintenance & Lifecycle

PHASE 3 – Construction Administration and Tenant Coordination

General Contractor Qualification
General Contractor Request for Proposal
General Contractor Bid Leveling
General Contractor Selection
Construction Contract & Negotiation
Construction Administration

Construction Managers


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